Suitable students
  • Excellent high school students who are keen to learn BTEC
  • BTEC: directly enter the undergraduate study, reduce the preparatory time by one year
  • AP: Students who want to take college credits in advance (University courses will be reduced accordingly)
Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC)
  • In the United Kingdom, more than 400 institutions of higher learning offer BTEC courses. In the world, there are more than 120 countries and more than 7,000 education centers using BTEC's successful curriculum, teaching, and training models.

BTEC course advantages
  • Straight to undergraduate, no foundation courses required
    Directly enter the 3-year undergraduate course and adapt to the university course in advance

  • Huge advantages of applying to prestigious schools
    Have a greater advantage among many candidates / 100% increase in admission rate

  • Early exposure to a British-style arts education system

Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) is a college-level course that the American College Board runs in high schools. AP courses can replace college credits.

    PEG Course:
    AP 2-D Art and Design (Portfolio Submission)
    AP 3-D Art and Design (Portfolio Submission)
    AP Art History (Exam)
    AP Drawing (Portfolio Submission)
    AP Music Theory (Exam)

Advantages of AP courses
  • Take credits in advance to save university time
    Free up more time in college

  • PEG obtained AP teaching qualification and strictly controls student works
    Professional development of course plan/advance to university courses

"PEG Anglo-American International Preparatory Course" selects well-known preparatory courses in the United Kingdom and the United States, allowing students to learn university content in advance in high school. At the same time, students can save time in university and get more time to improve themselves.


Main content

  • 1/
    Freshman admission assessment
  • 2/
    Directive selection course
  • 3/
    Exclusive course planning
  • 4/
    Course guidance
  • 5/
    Tutor review
  • 6/
    Certificate issued (BTEC)
    Submit works (AP)/take exams (AP)