1v1 Elite Training Plan

Bright Stars Project

Suitable students
  • Fresh graduates with job requirements
  • High school students and college students who want an excellent and effective communication platform
Course introduction and advantages

1v1 Elite Training Plan: One-to-one reshaping of portfolios and resumes according to needs, understanding the target company, and making targeted rectifications. Individually introduce major business owners in the course to enrich contacts and build good resources.

  • Enterprise through train, have the opportunity to get industry recommendation or direct recommendation
    Direct access to the enterprise/Accurate understanding of enterprise requirements/Famous enterprise contacts

  • Quickly increase the commercial value of the portfolio
    Modify portfolio according to job requirements/1v1 industry coaching/understanding the commercial creation process

  • Improve work background and bid farewell to zero experience
    Obtain corporate internship opportunities/participation opportunities/refine personal resume

Course introduction and advantages

12 months, 365 days, 8784 minutes
Recruit excellent high school and college students
Create a strong stage, benefit for life

Join forces to gather elites
Famous company meeting, visit, discussion
Professional Elite Practice Seminar
Icebreaking action, competition, debate, display
Give yourself a chance to meet better people

  • Meet good peers just like you and harvest brilliant friendships
    Interview screening/establishing elite circle of friends/obtaining excellent network resources

  • Meet famous companies and establish contacts
    Get out of the ivory tower / learn from the successful experience of others / understand the business operation model

  • Enhance personal background and enrich social resources
    Enterprise internship visit/participate in professional competition/get to know friends from all walks of life

PEG is committed to helping students and working elites around the world to provide one-stop employment solutions. Through independent research and development of vocational skills training products and one-to-one systematic consulting services, the students' ability and background are comprehensively improved, helping art, design, data, marketing, technology and many other popular industries, helping global college students to enter the global cutting-edge companies.


Main content

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    Plan education
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    Freshman admission assessment or interview
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    Exclusive course planning
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    Prep execution