"Myself". Ran Yang. Acrylic Painting


The imagery expressed by patterns in illustrations are based on the principle of the unification of aesthetics and practicality, so that lines and shapes are clear and lively and easy to make. It is a universal language of the world, and is usually divided into characters, animals, and commodity images for commercial applications.


Fine art majors focus on contemporary art. Students can choose their own skills according to their research direction for in-depth study and practice. At the same time, fine art encourages cross-professional experiments and uses different media to create.


A highly visual medium, sculptors make use of various plastic materials (such as plaster, resin, clay, etc.) or hard materials that can be carved and carved (such as wood, stone, metal, etc.) to create a visible and tangible artistic image with a certain space . At the same time, it reflects social life and expresses the artist's aesthetic feelings, emotions and ideals. Sculpture students mainly learn how to create artistic works in three-dimensional space.


Photography is a comprehensive subject, divided into traditional photography (such as black and white, color film, digital media, artificial light sources, etc.) and video production. By studying a combination of both, students can evolve into high-level art practitioners, or if they wish, they can focus on one and become a professional photographer or videographer.