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Clothing design belongs to the category of arts and crafts and is an art form that combines practicality and artistry. It is a creative plan and creative behavior that can solve many problems in the wearing life system for people. Fashion design is a fringe subject involving a wide range of fields, closely related to social sciences and natural sciences such as literature, art, history, philosophy, religion, aesthetics, psychology, physiology and ergonomics. As a comprehensive art, clothing design has the general characteristics of general practical art, but has its own characteristics in content, form and means of expression.


Jewelry design is mainly engaged in jewelry design creativity, jewelry computer-aided design, jewelry production and crafts, precious metal jewelry design and creativity. Practitioners need to understand graphics, performance techniques, product design, and propositional design, as we;; as be able to use general design software for design, use special jewelry design software, master the handmade process and jewelry display design.


Knitted fabrics can be divided into weft knitted fabrics and warp knitted fabrics according to the weaving method. Weft knitted fabrics are usually made of low-elastic polyester yarns or profiled polyester yarns, nylon yarns, cotton yarns, wool yarns, etc., and use plain weave, variable plain weave, rib plain weave, double rib plain weave, jacquard weave, wool Loops, etc., are woven on various weft knitting machines.


Fashion covers a very wide range, divided into three levels. Core layer: Personal fashion products that decorate and beautify the human body, including fashion, shoes, hats, leather goods, clothing accessories, beauty salons and jewelry, etc.; - Expansion layer: Decorate and beautify the small environment people live in Home fashion products, including home appliances, home decoration, furniture and bedding. Extension layer: Environmental fashion projects that decorate and beautify things and conditions related to human survival and development, including fashion communities, fashion blocks, and even fashion cities Build.


Luxury management is actually a part of management, with basic courses such as fashion marketing, as well as luxury and service marketing, . For higher degrees, there are more detailed classifications, such as the Luxury and Fashion Master of Business Administration. In addition to luxury creativity and design, project engineering includes product, marketing, finance, business management, team leadership, etc. It involves almost all areas of the luxury goods industry, such as high-end automobile marketing, golf course management and cosmetics companies.