PEG pioneers the only full-suite service framework for North American art education, which includes college applications, company recommendations, fostering an active art community, and training new designers.



PEG provides a wide platform for art and design advancement which includes deisgn software skills programs, university preparation, career development and a new designer brand growth platform. Our goal is to help art and design talents in all aspects, and is part of our commitment towards creating a new type of art and design culture & community.


The studio provides students with professional equipment such as 3D printing technology, large-scale laser cutting, jewelry engraving, sewing machines and screen printing. At the same time, the studio provides students with a good creative environment, with one-to-one small classrooms, open studios, meeting rooms, material areas, coffee area, and rest areas. We’ve created an environement that meets the needs of professional art projects, while encouraging students to explore their imagination and creativity.


We are committed to expanding the potential of every design project. While in-depth study of professional knowledge, PEG creates new art forms while embodying the cross-disciplinary capabilities of students’ works. The tacit cooperation between the teams and the regular training of the team ensure the quality of interdisciplinary projects.


Art comes from creation. The creative laboratory curriculum is designed to help students create new art forms and expand all possibilities. LAB mainly includes innovation laboratory, research and learning center, 3D printing laboratory, comprehensive materials laboratory, creative writing laboratory, LSC learning strategy laboratory, etc.


PEG expects to create a brand new "art design community". Through activities such as "Peg Career Stars Project", "Peg Yodea Designer Incubation Platform", "Summer Trip to Famous Schools", "Master Tour" and other activities, we gather the best design talents as well as the vast art field and professional resources.


PEG has established a perfect full-process tracking service model: from initial consultation to final completion of the course, real-time feedback is provided, and every service is done with all its strength.

Closed-loop service