Suitable students
  • Art Design Undergraduate / Graduate
  • Excellent designer with unlimited potential
  • Dreamer with an independent brand
Service philosophy
  • Yodea Incubation Platform
    Let innovation become the biggest business driver

    Assemble every outstanding designer
    Achieve a new design product platform

Yodea advantage
  • Integrate industrial resources and speak for originality
    Precise positioning / large-scale targeted commercial promotion

  • Original design provides high-quality display, exposure, and cooperation opportunities
    Assemble excellent designs to enhance business value with the help of the platform / real-time data feedback / targeted mining of cooperative resources

  • Brand achievement platform, platform helps brand, pursue the ultimate perfection
    Many brands speak at the same time / create a new look / pioneer and innovate business concepts / explore the infinite possibilities of brands

The core value of YODEA is to focus on training original designers. Provide high-end talents to well-known design companies at home and abroad, and actively realize the personal branding of students. To this end, we formulated the MAP+C plan to provide outstanding designers with:

M (Money) funds, A (Advertisement) brand promotion, P (Place) venue + C (Connection) resource connection. From capital, brand promotion, creation location to excellent industrial chain resources and investor recommendation. Achieve all-round personal branding.


Main content

  • 1/
    Orientation consulting start incubation (understand designer or brand story)
  • 2/
    Develop business plan
  • 3/
    Integrated works
  • 4/
    Targeted commercial placement & promotion
  • 5/
    Data feedback
  • 6/
    Select quality products
  • 7/
    High-end launch and commercial cooperation
  • 8/
    Platform helps mass production
  • 9/
    Enter the top stream
  • 10/
    Complete incubation