"F in 1937". Xinmiao Liu. Installation



Film is a kind of performance, a visual and auditory art. Cinematography is the science of studying film as a social cultural phenomenon, artistic phenomenon, and mass media. Its categories include the film development process, aesthetic characteristics, creative rules, classification of works and their social functions and aesthetic effects. Film production students can selectively specialize in a a certain direction of production, and work on directing, filming, photography, editing, sound, and art direction respectively.



As an independent comprehensive art form, animation has emerged become a creative industry that many cultures pay increasingly more drawn to. The concept of animation extends beyond just cartoons; it is a comprehensive art that integrates painting, comics, movies, digital media, photography, music and literature. Animation students need to master the basic knowledge, theories and methods of animation, graphic novel storyboarding, game design & creation in order to break into the industry,



Digital media belongs to the discipline of engineering, which refers to the carrier of recording, processing, and disseminating information in the form of binary numbers. These carriers include digitized text, graphics, images, sound, video images and animations and other sensory media. Digital media technology is a professional term for information and communication engineering. Its concepts and analysis methods are widely used in information technology fields such as communication and information systems, signal and information processing, and electronics and communication engineering.



Game design or game planning is a process of designing game content and rules. The key is to create goals that trigger players' enthusiasm for completion, as well as the rules that makes players feel adequately challenged by the process. Game design projects need to cover many elements, including game rules and gameplay, visual art, programming, productization, sound effects, screenwriting, game characters, props, scenes, and interfaces.